The Drummer & The Princess

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  • Animated family comedy

  • UK / CZ Co-Production

  • Scheduled for release in 2019

  • 2D & 3D formats

  • Scheduled for release in 28 countries

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Angels Pictures™ - As the first one in history...

The development of the theme has begun in September 2014. Alex Pieter, the author of the project, has started to write the scenario initially with the idea to create a movie for his children.

This was followed by considering the possible additional benefit of the film for children in need. For this reason, this author’s intention will be implemented:

Angels Pictures™ Production will be donated to 4% of the price of every admission in each country of distribution a charity foundation of the author’s choice. As the first one of producers of a feature movies in history.

This will always be adapted to specific points of cooperation with individual charity foundations in each country of distribution. Scheduled for release in 28 countries.

VIP Program

Many actors, professionals, clients, and partners have approached this ideas of the project. They help, donate, and support  Angels Pictures™ to produce the movie.

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If you are also interested in this project with an innovative child-help solution and are interested in collaborating or supporting the production of The Drummer & The Princess, please, contact Mr. Petr Brych, CMO & Producer to introduce yourself to the vast potential for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Petr Brych, CMO & Producer of Angels Pictures™


CMO & Producer


The Drummer & The Princess ANGELS PICTURES™
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The animated family comedy (in 2D and 3D formats) is inspired by the less well-known story by the Brothers Grimm about veteran drummer Jack, who is coming back home from military service. After his return, he finds out about a princess who is under the power of an evil witch.

Princess Mia was kidnapped along with her sisters and taken to the top of an inaccessible Glass Mountain. The king has not been able to buy them back using his wealth, because it has been taken by the witches in every neighboring kingdom. The drummer decides to save Princess Mia and experiences great adventures.

He has to prove his courage and ingenuity when meeting giants, robbers, sisters with dark characters, and the witch and her widowed sister, the Duchess, who is greedy to get hold of a wealthy groom.

Jack will do anything in order to free and save Mia, with whom he has fallen in love. And just the same, she will do the same for him.

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We celebrated!

Our team has created an innovative campaign to use in the Czech Republic calls The Spites and Envy Promo. We have made the teaser to attract the interest of The Drummer & The Princess movie.

Such as creative promo had great success - from zero to 2nd place of a chart of most views on YouTube - The Czech Animation Movie Teaser / Trailer of All Time, within 18 days only!

The Czech Animation Movie Teaser / Trailer of All Time - server YouTube

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