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Production & 3D Animation Studio

Angels Pictures™ Production provides services for all types of digital products: feature film, TV commercials, web & music videos, corporate presentations and more.

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Angels Pictures™ - As the first one in history...

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Movies Production

We are preparing and producing the 3D feature film "The Drummer & The Princess" scheduled for release in 2021/22 and directed by Alex Pieter.

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We celebrated!

From zero to second place in the YouTube chart “The most watched teaser/trailer for a Czech animated film of all time” . . . all in a mere 18 days!

The Drummer & The Princess ANGELS PICTURES™

The Drummer & The Princess

(in-production feature film)

The animated family comedy (in 2D and 3D formats)

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Angels Pictures™ Team

ENJOY IT: A dream come true...
PETR BRYCH, CMO & Producer
LOVING IT: If you can dream it, you can do it...
IMAGINATION and creative skills are everything...
Our Team of Professionals